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Graduado Lagartixa

Our Instructor

Humberto Almeida Passos was born in 1975 and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he was introduced to Capoeira and trained for a couple of years in his youth. Knowing the importance of education, he decided to take a break of his passion to conclude his accounting career. After he graduated as an Accountant in 1996, he returned to his Capoeira training, aiming to become a “Mestre".He came to the United States of America, more specifically to Florida, in 1998. Naples became his home, where he gave continuation to his capoeira training to improve his moves, techniques and skills. Under the nickname of “Lagartixa”, he performed in many different events around the Country, such as:

PBS Kids, Kids Program, Brazil (2011)
Naples Daily News (2008)
Naples Daily News, Newspaper Front Page (2007)

Fort Myers
Art Fest (2011/2012)
Fall Festival (2010/2011)

Tribeca Theathers - NY (2004)
New York School System- NY (2003/2004)
Miami University Oxford –OH (2004)
Paramount Theater – Peekskill , NY (2003)
The African American Research Library and Cultural Center- Broward County (2000)

    In 2007, he was invited by Mestre Ray to join his crew at Oficina da Capoeira and he started to teach Capoeira to a group of children and adults in the area. He, then, relocated to Fort Myers and continued to share his love for Capoeira with the community. He is now Florida Head Instructor and opened a Capoeira school in Fort Myers in April of 2011. He continues to teach classes to children and adults in his facility, as well as in Naples and Cape Coral.

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